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HOCHTIEF consortium Preferred Bidder

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH, together with partners, has been named Preferred Bidder by the Greek Ministry of Public Works for the Maliakos-Kleidi toll road project in Greece. The HOCHTIEF company holds a 35 percent stake in the concession company, Aegean Motorway Group, and is leader of the consortium. The other partners are Vinci and the Greek companies Elliniki Technodomiki, J & P/Avax, Aegek and Athena.


The motorway is a 230-kilometer long section of the most important Greek trunk road, between Athens and Thessalonica, and is a project within the European Union's Trans-European Network (TEN). The investment volume is around EUR one billion. This will come partly from EU-funded start-up financing, while over twothirds of the total will be raised in the form of long-term bank loans and equity contributions from the partners. The loans and equity contributions will be recouped from toll charges and service station concessions. The project entails planning, financing, building, operating and maintaining the toll road. The construction measures, in which HOCHTIEF Construction AG as consortium leader has a stake of about 40 percent, comprise the building of a new 25-kilometer section of the motorway, including 26 bridges and ten service stations. Eleven kilometers of this section consist of tunnels. The consortium will also modernize and repair a further 205 kilometers of the existing toll route. For this section, the partners will charge tolls right from the time the contract is concluded.

The concession for the Maliakos-Kleidi motorway has a duration of 30 years. The toll stations will enable toll charges to be collected either manually or electronically.